Best horse breeds for beginners

October 13, 2015
Best Horse Breeds for Kids

Shetland ponies make exemplary mounts for extremely young beginners, who rapidly outgrow all of them.Shetland ponies make excellent mounts for very youthful novices, just who rapidly outgrow them.


The greatest horse breeds for novices are even-tempered and forgiving. They understand rapidly, react immediately to instructions and never spook easily. Numerous newbies appreciate breeds with smooth gaits. Much of a horse's temperament is dependent upon their instruction, but it does not harm in the first place a horse type known for persistence and gentility.

United States Quarter Horse

The US quarter-horse is most beneficial generally a cow or farm horse. The type makes a great mount for a beginning driver. One-fourth horses tend to be intelligent and fast to understand, and are extremely mild-mannered mounts. It works really on farm since they're maybe not easily spooked by wayward calves or stampeding herds, which means that they generate surefooted supports for stressed beginners.

Irish Sport Horse

An Irish recreation horse or Irish hunter is a mix between a thoroughbred and an Irish draft horse, and/or item of two Irish recreation horses. The effect is a calm, centered, high-energy mount. The athleticism of an Irish recreation horse contributes to the rise associated with novice driver. Irish sport horses often compete in dressage, eventing, hunter/jumper, foxhunting and equitation.

Tennessee Walking Horse

The smooth, comfortable gaits of the Tennessee walking horse make him the most desired beginner horse breeds. Unlike many other gaited horses, the Tennessee walker is renowned for his calm and friendly personality. He's extremely versatile, providing in the majority of equestrian sports, including western enjoyment, saddle chair, dressage, jumping and endurance.

Shetland Pony

The Shetland is a brief, powerful pony that adults generally utilize for driving. They make solid mounts for young children for their size. Shetlands tend to be docile animals with fairly relaxed temperaments, and their quick stature often tends to make kiddies feel safer on it when you look at the saddle. Young ones will outgrow Shetlands, however, which get to just 11.2 arms.

Skilled Ponies

Experience and character tend to be more essential than breed for combining a horse with a newbie driver. A horse which tolerates kiddies, noisy noises, moving automobiles, other horses and wildlife could make a calm and easy-going mount. Think about the goals associated with the driver, too. A beginner who would like to discover ways to leap, for example, should choose a horse who has years of expertise into the jumping arena.

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