Ticket to Ride Europe board Game

January 29, 2016
Ticket to Ride Europe + TTR

The container includes:

  • 5 Player Warehouses
  • 25 Wood Train Depots
  • 101 Ticket to drive Europe Destination Tickets, including 55 new and 46 original tickets
  • Rules Booklet

An original backup of every complete game when you look at the Ticket to drive show is required to have fun with Warehouses & Depots. New Destination Tickets tend to be to be used only with Ticket to Ride European countries.

Upgrade your admission with exciting new routes into the great railway locations of European countries and add brand new game play to all the versions of Ticket to drive with Warehouses and Depots!

The expansion when it comes to Ticket to Ride show includes 101 Destination Tickets - the 46 initial seats, plus 55 brand new people that help 3 brand new variations into the Ticket to Ride Europe chart: Europe Expanded, which adds 19 brand new channels towards the initial 46; Big Cities of European countries, with passes to 9 significant European towns; and Mega Europe, which utilizes all brand-new routes as well as the 46 original location Tickets.

This expansion in addition introduces Warehouses & Depots - new online game guidelines and pieces that create an extra strategic level and that can be enjoyed the Ticket to drive maps. Wooden Train Depots are placed on cities selected by each player. Through the game, each player's Warehouse will accumulate Train cards and people who've the foresight, clever timing, or simply just plain fortune to build a route to a Depot makes off with a fistful of Train cards. Depot positioning and skillful Warehouse techniques become a vital part of a fantastic Ticket to Ride strategy!

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