Horse ownership for beginners

May 14, 2016

teen woman with horse; image by Edwin Remsberg, USDAAdapted from “First Time” Horse Ownership: choosing ponies and Budgeting Horse Interests, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension provider publication F-4004 – Division of Agricultural Sciences and All-natural sources, David W. Freeman, Oklahoma Extension equine professional, Odell L. Walker, professor emeritus, agricultural business economics and Bobby Joe Johnson, device Extension agriculture agent.

Before purchasing a horse the very first time, you should consider the next questions:

  • What kind of horse will most readily useful fit the bill?
  • Where could you get a horse?
  • Just how will you manage the horse’s each day needs?
  • What kind of supplies how about?
  • Which are the anticipated expenses of maintaining a horse?

Like most situations, knowledgeable responses to those as well as other questions originate from research and knowledge. A number of the even more universal choices become made want to do using the collection of a horse, location of housing, and how to budget for the costs of horse ownership.

Selecting a Horse

Picking a horse needs potential proprietors to spot their particular desired horse use, to be able to examine horse value, and to be aware of the different outlets for horse purchase. People own horses for many different hobby- and business-related explanations. Whenever surveyed, horse owners suggest a number of reasons behind getting a horse for hobby, including

  • satisfaction and pleasure,
  • a desire to contend in horse occasions, and
  • participation in childhood development projects.

Your reason behind wanting a horse could be the preliminary guide in deciding what kind of horse will most useful fit the bill.

Distinguishing Horse Uses: Before purchasing, determine the kinds of tasks where you desire to become involved. Typical horse tasks suggested by Maine horse owners feature

  • pleasure biking,
  • healing riding,
  • taking part in horse programs,
  • agriculture or logging work,
  • reproduction, and
  • harness rushing.

It is advisable to attend various horse relevant tasks and observe the requirements for involvement. Interacting with horse owners at these tasks will allow you to meet other individuals with comparable passions and therefore help you enjoy your horse. This interaction may also clarify which features enable a horse to succeed in a task, and could supply a source of horses buying.

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