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August 17, 2015
  • Shetland ponies tend to be tiny but they are maybe not “minis”. They truly are full sized ponies which we breed is about 36 inches tall while some are smaller many bigger however they are perhaps not “minis”.
  • Miniature horses tend to be a man-made breed that does certainly track back once again about seven years into original UK Shetland. Nonetheless succeeding generations by miniature horse breeders were determined to reproduce beautiful, processed and gorgeous little horses that have been more unique than a Shetland. The sterling qualities for the real Shetland are not specifically coveted by miniature horse breeders
  • Shetlands tend to be browsers like goats. They're not grazers like the majority of American varieties of ponies and ponies. Shetlands choose to hunt and peck for a living and stay hectic. These are generally happiest whenever their mouths re going finding a blade of grass right here and a stem indeed there and a leaf or two over their particular. Shetland haven is that. Naturally our United states pastures are not the hills of heather inWalesor the mountains ofPerth. We quite often advise piles of hay are scatter all-over a paddock so that they can roam about and excersice while they consume.
  • Shetland ponies tend to be “wide, round, reduced to the ground.” and really should have a layer of fat over their ribs throughout the year. They do have sluggish metabolic prices due to their heritage that needed all of them to store fat for times of famish and maintain ideal they might.
  • UK Shetlands have a dual layer, heavy coating and lengthy, dense mane and tail. Keep in mind that Scotland is well known while the nation of moisture, fog and rain. Our mother earth offered the long right hair on these special ponies to behave the same as rainspouts – channeling the moisture and rain to trickle from their long straight hair, from their health – just like strain pipelines, never leaving a pony soaking damp. This enables the pony to stay dried out and hot throughout the harshest of seasons.
  • The Shetlands have a rather long and thick forelock that covers their eyes and offers all of them much need defense against the sun, harsh wind and dirt and soil very often get aloft while looking profoundly within their hay piles and searching.
  • It will be the UK Shetland breed standard to go out of all of them in their truest, easiest kinds. We never ever cut their manes or forelocks or tails rather than make a bridle path. Inside their native land, it had been considered an embarrassment to see a Londonderry Shetland with its tresses trimmed!
  • Black is the accepted shade for Shetlands. You can find bays and browns now and once more chestnuts; couple of greys and rarely a colored Shetland of outstanding quality to complement the blacks. Whenever Marianne journeyed to theUK, she saw just two-colored people who would have been the girl pleasure to own brought residence!
Source: www.personalponies.org
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