Caring for a Pony

December 15, 2015
Costs of owning a pony?
Image titled care for Your Horse Step 1Lead your horse on grooming part of your barn. You ought to have a place or individual stall beyond your horse’s regular stall for which you groom this lady. Tie your horse up so that she does not walk away when you are attempting to groom this lady.
  • Put on some clothes you do not mind getting dirty because grooming your horse can be a very messy work.
  • Utilize a rubber curry brush to unwind the dust in your horse’s layer. Move the brush in a circular motion over your horse’s body. To avoid hurting your horse’s more fragile epidermis, don’t utilize the rubberized curry brush on your own horse’s face or legs.
  • Utilize a dandy brush to get rid of dirt from the surface of one's horse’s coating. Move the brush in a back and forth flicking movement to obtain dirt from your horse’s layer. You should see a cloud of dust go off from your own horse’s layer every time you flick the brush.
  • Make sure to utilize the flicking movement or even the dust will just stay on your horse’s human anatomy that can trigger discomfort.
  • Use a human body brush to smooth straight down your horse’s tresses. Make use of long even strokes in your horse’s coat to erase her locks and get any continuing to be soil off of the woman coating. This brush may help your horse’s coat appearance great and shiny.
  • Utilize electric clippers to cut your horse’s human anatomy hair. If there are any areas of your horse’s layer appear like they have to be cut, make use of a pair of electric clippers to neaten all of them up. Don’t utilize the electric clippers on or just around your horse’ face or you may startle her plus injure this lady.
  • Utilize a mane brush to detangle your horse’s mane and tail. Be gentle and work through tangles carefully to avoid taking out any tresses or breaking hairs. You are able to make use of the dandy-brush on the horse’s end to have it great and smooth.
  • Clean your horse’s hooves. Stay next to your horse and make use of one hand to fold and support your horse’s hoof. Make use of the hoof choose to eliminate any rocks, grass, or other items that have lodged inside horse’s hoof. Clean away from you so that you try not to cause the items in the hoof to fly to your human anatomy or face.
  • Its also wise to get horse's hooves trimmed every 6-8 days to keep them in good condition. Shoeing ponies is not always necessary.Image titled manage Your Horse Step 6 in reality, some specialists believe shoeing causes difficulties with the hooves without protect them.
  • Bathe your horse as needed. Should your horse is looking additional dirty, you may want to give this lady a bath. Begin by hosing down the woman body with heated water to rinse down extra soil and prep the woman coating for shampooing. Then, therapeutic massage shampoo into the woman layer making use of a curry brush and wash. Once you've rinsed out the hair care, massage conditioner into the woman layer with the curry brush and rinse well.
  • In order to prevent getting hair care and conditioner inside horse’s eyes, make use of a damp washcloth to completely clean the woman face.

Method 2

Feeding Your Horse
  1. Supply your horse with plenty water. Be sure that water inside horse’s trough is clean and perhaps not frozen. Keep the trough clean and by hosing it day-after-day.
  2. Supply your horse with a good amount of top quality hay. Horses consume large volumes of grass as their main way to obtain meals. In reality, ponies should eat about 15-20 weight or 1-2% of their bodyweight in hay every single day, so ensure your horse constantly has an abundance of hay to consume.
    • Make sure the hay you feed your horse is free from mildew and dirt.
  3. Offer small amounts of whole grain to your horse each day. Daily, horses can also have ½ pound of grain per 100 weight of weight.Image titled manage Your Horse Step 5 Feed grain towards horse in two or three evenly spaced feedings during the day.
    • Remember to assess the whole grain portions you supply your horse to make certain that you may be giving her the appropriate amount.
    • In the event that climate is hot, supply whole grain towards horse through the cooler hours regarding the day, such as for instance early in the early morning and soon after later in the day.
  4. Supply more or less meals for the horse as required. Your horse’s nutritional requirements vary in line with the quantity of fresh lawn she's got used while off to pasture as well as the level of activity she's got had. Evaluate your horse’s needs everyday to ascertain whether or not to subtract or include from the woman regular feeding quantities.
    • In case the horse is out to pasture all the time and has now already been consuming countless grass, she's going to not require just as much hay.
    • In case your horse has received a tough workday with lots of biking, you will need certainly to offer even more meals to greatly help replenish the additional calories she burned.
  5. Schedule feedings for one hour before or after you have ridden your horse. Don’t feed your horse before or right after she's finished doing something intense because blood flow is going to be redirected away from the woman body organs and therefore can affect digestion. Arrange feedings around your horse’s planned task.
    • If your horse may be performing some thing extra intense, set up this lady feeding for three hours before the activity.
  6. Make steady changes towards horse’s diet. If you wish to improve your horse’s feed, don't simply switch to the latest feed. Start by changing 25per cent regarding the old feed using the brand new feed. In 2 times, exchange 50% of the old feed using the brand new feed. 2 days next, replace 75% associated with the old feed utilizing the brand new feed. After that two days after that you can offer your horse 100per cent brand new feed.
    • And making food changes gradually, you should also give your horse at comparable time each day. Horses perform better when they have actually a frequent eating schedule.
    • Making radical modifications towards horse’s feed or feeding schedule can result in equine colic and creator. Equine colic is a state of being which triggers serious abdominal discomfort and could also need surgery. Founder is a condition that triggers poor blood supply and can also resulted in separation regarding the hoof from the foot. Founder is frequently deadly.
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