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May 22, 2016
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Pony Ride Owner Sues Animal Rights Activists for DefamationTawni Angel, who owns Tawni’s Ponies, along with her spouse submitted a lawsuit Monday in la County Superior legal against Marcy Winograd and Danielle Charney, plus twenty other defendants, saying defamation, deliberate interference with prospective economic advantage, and deliberate infliction of emotional stress.

The suit alleges that Winograd and other animal liberties’ activists claimed falsely that Tawni’s Ponies ended up being committing “animal abuse, ” and that they carried on to produce that untrue claim even with becoming informed the Santa Monica Police Department’s Animal Control Unit had investigated and discovered no proof to aid it.

Another police report from Sgt. Mike Graham, cited because of the plaintiffs inside their problem, stated:

I examined the ride set-up. The ponies appeared in to stay in good shape – their body weight appeared normal, their particular fur ended up being clean and brushed, their particular manes and tails were brushed and healthier, the bottom around all of them ended up being clean and uniformly level, they walked on sawdust shavings, and there was clearly no noticeable urine or feces. The apparatus – saddles, bridles, and (dense) pads had been in good condition. The ponies had been “quiet” and well behaved. I saw absolutely nothing to make myself think the horses were ill-treated, bad, malnourished, injured, or in discomfort. The ponies did not appear hot, were not sweating, and had been on a timed (30 minute alarm, ) water-break routine.

We saw that given that horses stepped in groups, their speed and personality had been constant and calm. Their particular path took all of them in and out of color from sunshine.

“Despite getting written notice that there is no proof of pet misuse, Winograd therefore the various other defendants continued to incorrectly accuse Angel and Nester of abusing their particular creatures, ” the plaintiff’s grievance says, citing a number of examples, including accusations duplicated on YouTube in August, long after the authorities investigations:

On occasion, the issue alleges, the pet liberties activists also cited the Ca Penal Code, accusing Tawni of committing a crime–a claim that, if false, is libelous on its face.

The grievance additionally alleges that Winograd took private photographs of Angel along with her spouse from their Twitter page having a drink on vacation, and sent the pictures to town officials in her work to persuade them to end the Tawni’s Ponies contract.

Those emails had an obvious impact, based on papers obtained by Angel under California’s public record information legislation. City council member Ted Winterer, including, allegedly responded to Winograd via e-mail and consented along with her about “the personality of owners.” Besides, the grievance notes, Twitter posts by Charney labeled as Angel and her spouse ““racist – bigoted – anti- ladies RW [right-wing] alcohol weapon toters.”

Thus, the plaintiffs allege, the Santa Monica City Council do not renew its contract with Tawni’s Ponies to give you pony trips and a petting zoo to your Sunday farmers’ marketplace on principal Street. The agreement was renewed since 2003. The decision had been made at 1:30 a.m. in a council conference in September from where several members had been absent or choose to go residence. Unless your choice is reconsidered, the contract will expire in-may 2015.

Angel’s attorney, Donald E. Chomiak, informed Breitbart Information on Tuesday: “I’m really confident within place within lawsuit. The record speaks for it self.”

He cited the police report from might 2014 that exonerated Angel–and that referred to your pet legal rights activists as “very rude” and “argumentative” in explaining their particular protest at the market.

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