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March 19, 2017
Ticket to Ride Tutorial - Mac

All aboard for a new adventure across the North American continent. If you should be ready to travel, this exciting brand new growth is preparing to present a brand new Ticket to Ride!

Ticket to Ride® - USA 1910 is a unique card expansion the original Violation to Ride game. It is made from 181 brand-new huge structure cards (the exact same dimensions as Ticket to drive European countries and Märklin), offering: 35 new Destination Tickets, a fresh GlobeTrotter extra card for doing the essential passes, plus a total replacement deck of the many cards through the original game deck.

Additionally included is a fresh rulebook that offers Ticket to drive people three new how to play the online game including 1910 guidelines - games only using this new Destination Tickets; the Mega Game, featuring all of the seats; and Big Cities, which makes use of just seats to particular large metropolitan areas.

The united states 1910 cards and guidelines variations will truly improve your methods and techniques whenever you perform Ticket to Ride. They are going to amaze also long-time veteran railroaders and bring hundreds or even thousands of hours of new fun to your family and friends. Therefore hop on board and discover... a whole new ride with Ticket to Ride - American 1910!

This product is an expansion when it comes to Ticket to Ride® boardgame, not a stand-alone game. An authentic copy of Ticket to Ride® must play.

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Ticket to Ride - Europe
Ticket to Ride - Europe
Ticket to Ride: Europe (2005)
Ticket to Ride: Europe (2005)
Ticket to Ride Online - gameplay
Ticket to Ride Online - gameplay
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