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July 5, 2017
The 10 most beautiful hot air

Ballooning Park City in SummerAbout heat Ballooning in Utah: Ballooning is definitely the ultimate way to see Utah's beauty in the shortest timeframe possible. It will be the safest as a type of aviation. Flying in a hot air balloon is an unparallel knowledge, and 200 many years after the first flight, it's still heat that keeps united states aloft, fading the limitations period and area.

Utah's Ballooning Seasons: we are able to travel 1000 times in the same spot, and we'll have a thousand various routes. Each Season has actually it really is very own personality, the land we fly over never ever looks the exact same.

Spring: cool mornings flights expose an awakening landscape, partially covered under a white blanket of snow, fulfilling time around 7 a.m. - 7.30 a.m.

Ballooning in Summer: Pleasantly cool conditions in the morning. All shades of green and blue, 6 a.m. - 6. 30 a.m. satisfying times, many steady climate

Park City summertime Ballooning Example:Several thousand feet over Swaner Nature keep, looking south towards Park Meadows, Park City old city, and Deer Valley skiing resort.

Ballooning in Fall: spectacular Fall colors, 7 a.m. - 7. 30 a.m. conference times, stable climate (Our favorite time for you travel)

Park City Autum Ballooning sample: thousands of legs over Swaner Nature Preserve, searching south towards Park Meadows, Park City old town, and Deer Valley skiing resort.

Ballooning Park City in WinterPark City Ballooning FALL 2015 SPECIALIZED: 10per cent OFF!

Ballooning in Winter: cool mornings, the essential unique of all of the ballooning seasons, Highest altitudes achieved. 7. 30 a.m. - 8 a.m. meeting time, hit-and-miss climate conditions

Park City Winter Ballooning sample: thousands of feet over Swaner Nature Preserve, looking south towards Park Meadows, Park City old city, and Deer Valley skiing resort.

If you're intersted please phone all of us at 801-824-3934

Ballooning Itinerary: Your adventure starts here. Contact us or go to our protected booking web page to have your excitement going. After making a reservation we'll arrange for a meeting point and a gathering time, generally immediately after sunrise. After a hearty greet you will definitely often board our vehicles, or follow us in yours. A brief drive takes us to your launch web site, in which a black helium filled balloon (Pi-Ball) ascending in to the sky tells us in which we are heading. Our staff begins to unload the balloon form the truck. You are invited to get involved with the method, or simply just view our expert team have the balloon prepared, typically this takes about 15 - 20 min. Given that balloon has been filled with cold environment because of the method of a fan, the pilot takes all needed actions to make sure a secure trip. Our excitement increases while the burners are turned-on. "Wooooosh" - Blasts of hot air result in the envelope increase. After a short security briefing it's time to climb up inside container. The lift-off can be so gentle, that you may not really recognize we are up in the air. The gondola remains stable through out the trip. We always strive to gain high altitudes ( to 7000 foot ) to get the expected aerial impressions, and contour the landscapes just ins off the ground. We navigate by making use of winds out-of various guidelines at different altitudes. We are airborne for approximately one hour. After navigating to safe landing site, it is time to view the pilot and staff work together. After the floor is handled the pilot will ask you to walk out for the basket, and again you are welcome to get engaged in your whole process by assisting us or simply just remain back and enjoy the majestic balloon come-down and being loaded. A typical european design after trip party follows the journey. Champagne or cider in crystal flutes, white table cloth, the breathtaking scenery, as well as the memories lasting a life's time lead to an event you will not would you like to miss.

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