Horse Tail Care

April 4, 2016
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Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is almost certainly not favored by all, but for some this plant is treasured. Horsetail natural herb utilizes are abundant and caring for horsetail plants in herb garden is simple, offered you keep it from leaping ship and overtaking other areas regarding the yard. Read on to understand how-to grow horsetail natural herbs.

Horsetail Plant Info

For some people it really is an annoyance; to others it's an interesting and ancient herb which has generated its rightful invest history, the medicine closet and cosmetics. Developing in which various other plants dare perhaps not, horsetail plant is an associate associated with Equisetum family and it is closely related to ferns. Like ferns, horsetail plants replicate via spores and they've got a really deep rhizome system that may tunnel around 3 feet beneath the soil.

In the Equisetum household, there are two large teams: horsetails and scouring rushes. Horsetails have limbs and a bushy appearance and scouring rushes don't have any limbs. Both flowers tend to be without real leaves and make use of chlorophyll within their stems for photosynthesis.

Horsetail can also be known by many other names, including mare’s tail, horse pipes, snake grass and joint lawn. Horsetail plant info implies that it offers received its title because of its jointed or segmented appearance and bristle-like surface, which will be much like a horse’s tail.

Horsetail Herb Uses

Horsetail is a really important herb because of its high content of silicon utilized in treating osteoporosis. Horsetail has additionally been regularly lower blood pressure levels, as a diuretic, to bolster brittle nails, end bleeding gums, alleviate sore throats and also as a topical treatment of burns and wounds. As with any herb, it is usually better to consult a professional first.

It can also be used instead for a scouring pad inside kitchen area by bundling a few stems collectively and using the tough and harsh surface in the stems.


How to Grow Horsetail

Given that it tends to distribute rapidly, it’s best to give horsetail a good amount of area to spread. The plants can also be kept in bounds by sinking them in bottomless pots. Indeed, if you have limited space, you are able to develop horsetail in a container.

Flowers prefer a half-day of sunlight and high heat and moisture. If you live in USDA plant hardiness areas 7 – 10, horsetail is simple to cultivate. It’s better to start plants from seed six-weeks ahead of the last frost and transplant outside in early springtime.

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