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January 10, 2016

a neglected and starving horse saved because of the Easy Horse Care save Centre in Spain.Our company is regularly called about abused, mistreated or neglected horses, ponies and donkeys within area and we will always do everything we could to greatly help these animals. But please be aware that we now have only a small group of part-time volunteers and our sources are very minimal.

If you see an animal vulnerable, there are several steps you can take to make it much easier for all of us to intervene.

The first step should be to formally report the situation to police (see below to get more detailed directions on who to phone and how to create the state denuncia, and then click here for English versions of animal welfare rules that use throughout the Valencian province). Typically, we can't help to truly save an animal until we now have formal authorization through the police.

When reporting mistreatment into authorities, you'll inform police which you have contacted us during the Simple Horse Care save Centre hence we're pleased to help. This can help move the actual situation ahead faster, due to the fact police will understand that there was someplace to make the pet after it's been seized from its owner. We think some past police inaction stemmed from too little locations to accommodate seized pets.

For emergencies where an animal is hurt or perhaps in instant danger

Phone the Guardia Civil on 062.

The Guardia Civil is Spain’s nationwide police force. Their disaster contact quantity, 062, is checked twenty-four hours a day, 7 days per week, all year round.

To report a benefit issue

A starving horse rescued by the effortless Horse Care save Centre in Spain.To report an act of pet cruelty, mistreatment, neglect, damage or distress in Spain, you need to go right to the authorities in person and then make a written report, known as a denuncia.

This must be done at your neighborhood Police Comisaría. See this website link for a complete variety of regional workplaces across every area in Spain. Denuncias would be best carried out in Spanish so you may need to take a Spanish-speaker to your authorities section to you.

We will try to assist when possible but be sure to remember that we just a small staff of part-time volunteers and our sources are very restricted.

Steps to make the state report (denuncia) to authorities

Gather the maximum amount of information as you are able to about the case. This can include details such as:

  • a description for the pet or animals.
  • The healthiness of your pet or pets.
  • Pictures associated with the pet or animals, when possible.
  • The sort of mistreatment, cruelty or neglect.
  • Perhaps the creatures have access to refuge, food and water.
  • The exact located area of the animal or pets.
  • The name and target of any other witnesses.
  • Title and target of the individual you believe is accountable for mistreatment.

Always make sure your report is made in writing. Make your grievance in Spanish if you're able to. Once you present the are accountable to authorities, they are going to stamp it and provide you with a stamped copy to help keep. This functions as evidence that the state issue has been made.

Inside our experience it's uncommon for action you need to take quickly. You'll likely need to be persistent and certainly will probably need certainly to follow through the complaint several times. It may possibly be helpful when you can get people to complain, too. The greater amount of complaints obtained about an incident, a lot more likely it's that activity should be taken.

If you should be making your problem towards the ayuntamiento, you may have to tell them they've the ability to do something under animal mistreatment rules. Article 21 of Law 4/94 is very crucial. Council officials ought to know this, many cannot. Follow this link when it comes to relevant excerpt from law in English.

Even though the Valencian community has reasonably strong animal mistreatment regulations, getting these legislation enforced is tough as authorities have reached times reluctant to do something. In such cases we apply the maximum amount of pressure even as we can, but please remember that our rescue centre has no appropriate energy.

We do think things are gradually increasing because the mistreatment of pets becomes progressively openly unacceptable throughout the Alicante province. However, for those changes to actually simply take hold, those in power must recognize that most people would you like to see a finish to pet cruelty.

Source: www.easyhorsecare.net
George and Kalli doing stunts at easy horse care
George and Kalli doing stunts at easy horse care
Easy Horse Care Foundation documentary
Easy Horse Care Foundation documentary
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