What breed of horse was Trigger?

January 24, 2017
Trainer Glenn Randall with one

Roy Rogers, the several Triggers ... Pal ... Dale Evans and Buttermilk

Roy Rogers rode several ponies during his film and tv professions - they certainly were all billed as "Trigger". In over a-quarter century performing in public places, he utilized three primary Palominos:

1. The first, known on film sets as "the Old Man".

2. Minimal Trigger, showcased regarding cover of lifestyle magazine in 1943 and solely in SON OF PALEFACE (Paramount, 1952).

3. Trigger, Jr., a Tennessee Walker stallion utilized mainly on personal appearances plus the movie that holds his title.

The initial Trigger was born in 1934 on a ranch in hillcrest. (Trigger's subscription form information was posted in The Old Cowboy Picture Show newsletter by Leo Pando in 2004. It absolutely was provided by fan George Mudryj and President of this Palomino Horse Association, Steve Rebuck.)

Roy Rogers expert Robert W. Phillips initially believed Trigger was foaled on a north park ranch partly owned by Bing Crosby. Breed specialist Pat Mefford hasn't had the opportunity to confirm this and notes Crosby's farm was at Ventura.

Trigger was created from reproduction stock had by Captain Larry Good. The colt's second owner was Roy F. Cloud Jr., a breeder initially from Noblesville, Indiana. Cloud was able a ranch in San Diego therefore was he which first-named the Palomino colt Golden Cloud. At around three-years old, the horse had been offered on Hudkins Stables which offered livestock the film business in south Ca.

Trigger's bloodlines are not confirmed on his registration type. When speaking about Trigger's beginning in countless interviews, Rogers frequently stated he had been "half thoroughbred and half cold-blooded; their sire ended up being a race horse at Caliente, and his dam was a cold-blooded Palomino." In accordance with the subscription form the dam's shade was chestnut. Pat Mefferd feels Trigger was at many one-quarter thoroughbred.

Before Roy Rogers purchased him outright, the Golden Cloud starred in several flicks as a cast motion picture horse like the Errol Flynn classic ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (Warner Brothers, 1938) ridden by Olivia DeHaviland/Maid Marian. Co-editor regarding the Old Cowboy Picture Show publication, Leo Pando, ended up being the first ever to spot the Golden Cloud ridden by Gilbert Roland inside grayscale film JUAREZ (Warner Brothers, 1939) featuring Betty Davis and Paul Muni. Eagle-eyed Trigger fan Larry Roe was first to note the Golden Cloud when you look at the Joe E. Brown comedy SHUT the BIG MOUTH (Columbia, 1942).

Roy Rogers became alert to the Golden Cloud in 1937 when he had been auditioning ponies for his very first starring function, BELOW WEST STARS (Republic, 1938). Legend has actually it that sidekick Smiley Burnette proposed naming the Palomino "Trigger" after someone commented he had been "quick in the trigger."

(Due To Lee Flippin)

Preceding are Roy Rogers, the initial Trigger, and Carol Hughes in a scene from Roy's first starring adventure, BELOW WESTERN STARS (Republic, 1938).

It had beenn't until 1943 that Rogers bought Trigger from Hudkins Stable for $2, 500 (bill of purchase supplied by Joel 'Dutch' Dortch through his connection to Roy 'Dusty' Rogers Jr. and first published in The Old Cowboy Picture Show publication by Leo Pando in 2003). Glenn Randall, whom taught Rogers' Palominos, had been instrumental in acquisition and rightfully boasted that it was one of the best horse deals in Hollywood record.

Partially as a result of Trigger, Palominos became remarkably popular and many appearing in movies when you look at the 40s and 50s had been considered to be him. The first Trigger had just a left back white stocking. His white face blaze extends over the nostril on their almost part (left side) and goes along since the nostril on his far side and ends up at his lip.

Trigger Jr., born in 1941, was originally owned by a Paul K. Fisher of Souderton, Pennsylvania, the Palomino stud's subscribed title was Allen's Gold Zephyr.

It absolutely was a standard advertising declare that the initial Trigger appeared in each of Rogers' films when actually it had been minimal Trigger featured in the Bob Hope comedy SON OF PALEFACE (1952). Using the introduction of DVD together with "freeze frame" choice, fans can easily see how often Little Trigger substituted for "the Old Man" generally in most of Rogers' flicks from very early 1940s on.

The initial Trigger passed away in 1965 at age 31 and Trigger Jr. in 1969. Both Palominos were attached by Bishoff's Taxidermy of California and had been on display consistently on Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Victorville, Ca. The initial Trigger was also on screen at Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Missouri.

Source: www.b-westerns.com
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