Scottish horse breeds

January 2, 2017
A gray Highland pony

Horse Riding in Scotland Scottish County MapScottish Equestrian services and the satisfaction of riding ponies in Scotland.

Discover the real pleasures of horseback riding in Scotland.

Scotland is a country of wide open areas, with a relatively tiny population and exemplary access to great horseback riding as well as other equestrian activities.

Consider driving through areas of heather or large valleys bordered by Lochs and Mountains, or wealthy grassland steeped in Scottish history.

Equestrian facilites & equestrian activities like the annual Eglinton horse tests, the main one day event at Barskimming property in Ayrshire, the British Eventing place at Blair Castle additionally the Royal Highland Show are particularly popular.

Scotlands most useful possessions are its people and its landscape. Although a wee dram assists on a cold day.

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Local Scottish Horse Breeds …

You can find few horse breeds native to Scotland while the sturdy highland pony has become the just famous type for a lot of equestrians.

However, the Clydesdale breed of hefty draft horse was developed in the early nineteenth century by farmers inside Lanarkshire (formerly Clydesdale) area of Scotland.

The Clydesdale …

The Clydesdale horse was bred to fulfill the farming needs of this regional farmers.

In addition met the needs of business when it comes to coalfields of Lanarkshire and various types of hefty haulage from the roads of Glasgow.

The breed developed an excellent reputation and employ associated with the Clydesdale type shortly spread through the entire entire of Scotland and north The united kingdomt.

However, many standard horse breeds are used for casual horse riding in Scotland as well as for ridden university fees.

Thoroughbreds, arabians, hanoverians and warmbloods are typical popular.

The Scottish Horse Show …

The Scottish Horse Show is held in August annually with around 110 courses in nine rings.

In 2007 it had the absolute most ‘Horse of the season Show’ qualifiers offered by any one day program.

The Scottish Horse Show draws over 1100 entries from about 400 exhibitors from all over Britain.

Around twenty of the top names into the equestrian judging world will likely to be working at the Scottish Horse Show.

Buccleuch Nation Ride :

A 91-kilometre (57-mile) 4-day path through available and diverse countryside associated with the Scottish Borders, across moving hillsides, along exclusive riverside tracks and calm bridleways. To learn more, contact the Scottish Borders Tourist Board. The route can be ridden over 3 or 4 days, or can be split up into 7 smaller routes. All roads tend to be marked with a white horseshoe on a blue history.

Tyne Esk Tracks :

a route composed of 4 separate circular routes of between 16 and 24 kilometres (10 and 15 kilometers) each, more than 96 kilometres (60 miles) in total, the Tyne Esk Trails needs you through the beautiful Mid-lothian countryside, with a few interesting historical internet sites thrown in for great measure.

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