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June 26, 2017
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Hungarian Half-bred

A white horse with a dark face. Fast speed.

–In-game information

The Hungarian Half-bred is a horse type featured in .


The Hungarian Half-bred is one of the top three best horses for sale in Red Dead Redemption combined with United states Standardbred and also the Kentucky Saddler. The Hungarian Half-bred looks like a 'white' horse with a dark muzzle, it is indeed exactly what is named a "grey" horse. If you look nearer to the colouration you will find that it really is actually a 'flea bitten gray' as a result of the many quantities of coloured specks addressing its coating. This horse has got the most useful opposition to harm along with the most useful endurance, but its rate is slightly slowly than that of the Kentucky Saddler and dramatically reduced than that the United states Standardbred.

Into the Stranger side-mission "Love is the Opiate", the player must obtain the foreman a Hungarian Half-bred. The person describes it as "a white stallion which real cowboys ride".


  • Nearby the place in Casa Madrugada.

Hungarian Half-Bred seldom take place in Two Crows near Armadillo, but several had been discovered. but on a fantastic occasion, one was present in Tall woods, from the grassy location when you look at the north of Manzanita article. Additionally, it seems just into the western of Punta Orgullo. Another possible place is around Odd Fellow's Rest.

A deed because of this horse are available at any General Store for $1500 ($750 with high sufficient Honor, or reasonable adequate honor at Thieves' Landing) once you have effectively damaged the horse at least once. Deeds aren't single use things. You should use a deed as much times as you fancy, and it surely will still stay static in your inventory. Usage of a deed will allow you to respawn your horse in the event it really is killed or once you would merely like to change ponies.

  • When you look at the real life the horse had been initially bred in Hungary, and especially intended as a competition horse. The application of Hanovarian, Holstein, Furioso, Thoroughbred and Arab types have produced this good recreations horse, which integrates strength and stamina with a good nature and intelligence.
  • Within the game, the Hungarian Half-bred is described as a white horse with a dark face. However, the truth is, undoubtedly "white" ponies are rare, have actually red epidermis and unpigmented white hair, though attention color varies (based amelanism or hypomelanism). Many horses generally considered "white" are in reality light gray, as albino genotype is very unusual. True white horses appear completely white, with no grey (or any color) markings of any kind, unlike the dark muzzle and feet on Hungarian Half-bred inside online game.
  • The Unicorn from appears much like the Hungarian Half-bred, apart from the horn and cloven hooves.They have even similar spawn point.
  • There is an intermittent glitch with this horse. While riding into Blackwater (the entry that takes you appropriate beside Blackwater Graveyard), the horse will freeze shortly, after that enter the graveyard. It has already been verified on both PS3 and xbox.
  • This mount's additional wellness can be handy whenever assaulted by cougars, as it's less likely for it to perish in a single strike, leaving more time when it comes to player to destroy the attacking critter.
  • This mount has got the second many wellness (behind the War horse) from all mounts in the initial Red Dead Redemption.
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Red Dead Redemption American StandardBred Horse location
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Red Dead Redemption- Horse Breaking Fail :(
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