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February 26, 2015
Horses seem to be truly

Centaur women flanking Aphrodite on a Roman mosaic, Tunisia. Photo by Giorces on Wikimedia CommonsBy Laurence Totelin

When you look at the 7th century BCE, Semonides of Amorgos blogged his today infamous poem from the races of females, each one even worse versus next. The mare-woman could very well be my favourite, the best high-maintenance woman:

Another kind a horse with a marvelous mane begat.
She turns up her nostrils anyway forms of work and toil.
She would never touch a mill, nor a sieve
Would she ever before lift, nor would she put dung out of our home,
Nor, for concern about the soot, would she close to the range
Ever before remain. Just regarding necessity will she make love to the woman husband.
She washes from the soil daily,
Two times, often 3 times; then she anoints herself with perfumes
She constantly wears this lady mane combed free,
Plentiful because it's, and strewn with blossoms.
Just what a beauty to check out, she is that woman
For other people; for her owner she's a pain,
Unless he's a master or a sceptre bearer
Who is able to delight in such pleasures.
[Semonides fragment 7, 57-70]

Today Semonides was explaining peoples ladies right here, but he might too have-been berating a genuine mare. For in antiquity ponies generally, and mares particularly, had been considered rather problematic, especially in their intimate practices.

According to Aristotle, ponies were many salacious of pets after guys, but unlike civilised Greeks, that they had no revulsion for incest:

Horses will mounts their particular mothers and their daughters. In fact, a herd of ponies just isn't considered perfect, unless ponies copulate with their very own offspring. [Aristotle, Enquiry into Animals 6.22, 576a18-20]:

In certain regions, mares left without a stallion, had been said to imagine the pleasures of love and conceive ‘wind-foals’, with the help of the west wind (this tale is generally repeated in old literary works, see for example Vergil, Georgics 3.269-275; Columella, On Agriculture 6.27.4-7). Other mares fell deeply in love with themselves:

Discover an unusual, but remarkable, type of insanity that overcomes mares. Should they see their particular reflection in liquid, they truly are seized with a vain love, and as a result, they forget to forage as well as come to be lost to the wasting love infection. [Columella, On Agriculture 6.35]

But when breeding had been needed, mares turned cold. They often times needed to be tied to distribute toward stallion (Varro 10.179). No wonder then, your ancients developed love tablets to manage equine need. The Roman agronomists advised squill, crushed to your persistence of honey in water, become smeared regarding genitals of the mare; while the stud had been designed to smell her genital scent (Columella, On Agriculture 6.27; Varro, On Agriculture 2.7.8). The Greek Hippiatric treatises, beside comparable herbal treatments, have actually a little more complicated concoctions:

To incite horses to intimate intercourse… just the right testicle of a cock; place it when you look at the epidermis of a ram and hang on throat regarding the horse; or even the dried right testicle of a deer; decrease to powder and make it take in with milk-honey. For frequent and unpainful intimate intercourse… The skin of a skink (lizard) in sweet-smelling blended wine; inject in to the animal… [Hippiatric treatise of Cambridge 10.6 and 15, ninth century CE]

The creatures whose testicles were sacrificed to the greater good of horse reproduction had been, of course, maybe not opted for randomly: both the cock together with deer had been known for their sexual vigour. Nor ended up being the best testicle an arbitrary option: suitable part was believed to be active in the production of men.

Such fanciful and high priced aphrodisiacs may never ever been utilized on actual mares, but it is significant that they're taped. Ponies were time-consuming and high priced animals to keep–animals whoever possession was indicative of personal standing, very much like Semonides’ breathtaking horse-woman, kept amused by luxurious blossoms and perfumes.

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