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May 30, 2016
Example Game Play of the

Round 2: Steve vs. Amy Game informationIn Round 2 of your matchups, we tied in gains with 8 games each. You'll note that our more recent games have included the awesome brand new Alvin & Dexter Monster Expansion, which truly adds much more fun to virtually any Ticket to drive game.

On the wall surface you will also note our "W+D" references, which represent the "Warehouses and Depots" game elements being an element of the Europa 1912 development (and like Alvin & Dexter, can be put into any version of Ticket to drive). This development also includes brand new Destination Tickets much like the United States Of America 1910 Expansion for the original online game, except that Ticket to Ride European countries is now the benefactor, offering 3 different expansion games to play (Europe Expanded, Mega Europe, and Big Cities of European countries).

Supplying an enjoyable break from regular TtR games, our friend Jason Steele offered united states a fan-made map of this London Underground which actually was quite different. We haven't released the monsters with this city yet, therefore obviously individuals on London tend to be safe for a time longer!

I'd also love to aim your attention to a fan-created group of rules known as the Ghost Train, which in fact performed a rather great task of tightening up the united states chart for a 2-player game. Such a simple concept, however it included much more cutthroat activity in a recently available online game.

Eventually, i am specifically proud of the Nordic online game we played in which we won using the really low score of 71-57. This game nearly had myself resting on the sofa because we wound up beating Amy in under 20 moments using a strategy we read about on the web. She was NOT happy about that method. Of course, i'ven't used that strategy since that time.

Source: www.steveandamysly.com
Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride
Board Game With A Song Ticket to ride Europe Greek
Board Game With A Song Ticket to ride Europe Greek
Ticket to Ride Gameplay
Ticket to Ride Gameplay
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