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September 22, 2015
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combineThe knowledge I provide through my on the web programs and programs is exclusive. Initially, I make an effort to supply better free content that's better than exactly what the content that many others sell. Second, my premium programs are designed to “wow” the training, the value, the results, and also the service and connection.

We presently provide three compensated programs, and each originated to simply help resolve the problems and challenges that we all face whenever understanding how to ride and teach or caring for ponies, whether that issue is working through a behavioral problem, mastering a new cycling ability, or getting a more confident driver.

Many Thanks, Callie

Balanced Driving Program

If you are like many of the bikers We assist every single day, you have trouble with having real confidence in your skills along with your understanding of ponies. Quality biking instruction could be difficult to find, and you may end up experiencing puzzled and frustrated not just with your skills, but additionally with many things your horse does.

When you drive it might probably feel you just can’t development enough, you will get caught on the same things (most likely the sitting trot and canter). You may be dealing with fear and anxiety each time you go directly to the barn. We noticed numerous bikers, particularly those a new comer to ponies or going back to driving after years, experiencing these issues and I also wanted to assist.

For this reason I have developed the Balanced Riding program, a 6-week interactive on the web training course that's only provided many times each year. This course was created to provide a solid first step toward both skill and knowledge in horse behavior, education theory, and effective cycling.

The well-balanced Riding program is currently in program and not available for brand new users. Register below becoming notified when enrollment opens again.

Relax & Confident Rider System

Every person experiences worry at some point in their riding everyday lives – whether or not it comes from a major accident, a negative experience, or perhaps the question of “what if?” For some this anxiety is brief, for other individuals it becomes a continuing anxiety that begins to take away the secret of the operating knowledge. Anyway, learning how to manage our anxiety, control our anxieties, and handle adrenaline are foundational to for all cyclists.

realunfortuitously, anxiety and stress in riders is a problem that's not usually talked about, or perhaps is taken care of with “just get back regarding horse.” While there can be some truth for this declaration, but there is however in addition much more we are able to learn to assist united states realize when you should challenge ourselves, how exactly to manage our feelings, and exactly how to be quiet and Confident Riders!

Inside program, I teamed up with a professional fear and anxiety counselor, Tina O’Connor, that will help you understand the psychology of one's anxiety and discover strategies to handle it. We interviewed recreations pyshcologist Dr. Goldberg to carry you a unique perspective on mental and mental stress and to teach you tips conquer the physiological outcomes of worry. Finally, we share fundamental riding abilities you'll want to feel confident and remain safe.

Education Journals

Perhaps you have believed like the majority of ponies showcased in instructional movies already are trained – they know exactly what anyone is demonstrating? Ever ask yourself the length of time it surely takes to show anything brand-new or work through an exercise problem? Everyone knows the frustration of feeling completely trapped and having no idea what direction to go with your horse, despite reading a seasoned trainer explain a solution to our challenge.

I noticed many individuals fighting how exactly to implement principles like training theory and I also noticed that there had been a need for individuals to be able to view training because it occurs. To see just what related to a horse that includes issues like not standing however within mounting-block, moving hollow and braced whenever driving, and/or only being pushy on the floor.

While I truly don’t claim to own most of the answers, I adore revealing that which works for me and for the riders I teach, which is exactly what i really do in Training Journals.

Training Journals is a month-to-month membership system and functions video lessons with horses in every stages of training, as well as bonus materials on other topics of instruction and horse attention. This system had been made to complement the Balanced Riding Course, by providing the rehearse to go with the theory.

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Horses and Courses WMV V9
Wild White Horses photography courses in camargue
Wild White Horses photography courses in camargue
~horses & Courses~
~horses & Courses~
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