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June 19, 2016

Dear buddies:

With respect to White Horse Inn, Dr. Michael Horton and I also may be traveling to India with this year’s worldwide Theological Initiative summit. The meeting will undoubtedly be held from January 28-30.

Asia is spiritual and religious but definately not Christ. In several locations in Asia you can smell religion, very nearly taste it, however it is all a clear goal, saturated in darkness and not even close to the light. In the middle of all religious darkness, Jesus is building their chapel. Approximately 20-25 million evangelicals find it difficult to stand as witnesses for Christ from the darkness of Hinduism, a religion accompanied by roughly 80% associated with the populace.

Our purpose in Asia is concentrated and particular: we're going to talk with evangelical scholars for 3 days of intensive conversation on crucial matters for the chapel. In 2010 our focus should be from the sufficiency regarding the Bible. Our subjects through the expert, dependability, and quality of Scripture, and also the way the chapel is responsible to guard this precious prize God gave to their Bride.

Through good assistance of our donors, we're able to offer this seminar no-cost to the Indian friends and family in Christ. This will be an invitation-only occasion for 40 regarding the top leaders, all PhDs inside their respective areas, who're the gatekeepers and trainers that Jesus is using to construct years of pastors and scholars for his chapel in Asia. White Horse Inn is on the floor beginning and shaping conversations that matter!

Dr. Horton should be joined by Dr. Justin Holcomb, and they'll take part in academic presentations accompanied by Q&A sessions. The purpose would be to strengthen the foundations associated with the church by motivating the frontrunners of India’s evangelical church to stay powerful and real to God’s keyword in the midst of amazing pressures. In a nutshell, we should assist them to “know what they think and why they believe it.”

Please pray designed for:

1. Travel safety for Dr. Horton, Dr. Holcomb, myself, and also the forty scholars throughout Asia.

2. Freedom from vomiting during our time in India.

3. A lasting effect on the evangelical scholars in Asia.

4. The phrase to distribute one of the evangelical neighborhood that they would yearn to master (or re-learn) some of these fundamental doctrines. Compliments God that is only our 2nd 12 months and now we had more applications than we could deal with.

5. Good conversations and fellowship aided by the scholars, Dr. Horton, and Dr. Holcomb. The friendships multiply the effectiveness of the presentations when our friends in Asia see that we love them and therefore you want to help all of them in their work.

Many thanks for praying. This really is a present of service to your chapel in Asia, and then we cannot take action without your prayers and support.

In Christ,

Mark Green

P.S. Listed here is videos clip through the Ganges River in India. This public YouTube video shows the Hindu belief that if they can wash in the Ganges River, their sins are going to be washed away. They are aesthetic reminders of exactly how profoundly religious numerous Indians tend to be but without truth of Christ. Dr. Horton and I went to this exact same place during our final day at Asia. Warning: it is difficult to watch and never be relocated.

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