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September 10, 2015
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Horse Haven: World Adventures holds a lot of different events for its people on daily basis. Some of them introduce brand new tasks and game play elements, while others provide time-limited items such designs or modification things. Sometimes, some special brand-new horse types tend to be introduced to the game.

To keep tuned in to the events happening at some point, people can simply tap in the occasion board, that you can get on both United States and France’s facilities.

The initial two events introduced on online game would be the Royal Race event as well as the Arabian Nights event. The Royal Race occasion begins on Summer 18th GMT, 2015 and concludes on July 2nd GMT, 2015 corresponding into the British Royal Race in real world! The Arabian Nights occasion starts on Summer 18th GMT, 2015, and finishes on July 18th GMT, 2015.

Constellation Horse Event

Into the Constellation Horse celebration show, 12 Constellation Horses are introduced to the game, one-by-one, based on zodiac sign times. Each Constellation Horse is bred through a special reproduction combination, that will be shown with zodiac signs in the reproduction UI. The in-game Horsepedia will offer you an in depth breeding recipe to greatly help to have a constellation horse. But take note that, like reproduction regular ponies, all of it is dependent upon luck. As an extra gift, any time you get very first Constellation Horse of a zodiac sign (either by breeding or buying), you will end up compensated with a particular Constellation Decoration, also special to every zodiac indication.

Time-Limited Events

Horse Haven has many time-limited occasions each year, typically centering around some kind of regular gathering or a conference into the equestrian globe.

Xmas Event

During this event, people had been introduced to a different steeplechase - the Nordic Steeplechase. Amy made the woman fashionable debut with a cute Santa ensemble, and introduced the players with three event-exclusive sources: Mistletoe, Candy Canes, and Snowflakes.

These event-exclusive sources were utilized to aid Santa rebuild their sleigh. Upon rebuilding their sleigh, people would get a striking decoration with their farm, which could be put into with a time-limited Rudolph design. Users may possibly also get a Christmas Tree from the present store, which will light by asking 10 buddies when you look at the online game for assistance.

LibraThree new horse breeds had been also introduced: the Gotland Pony, the Icelandic Horse, in addition to Knabstrupper.

The Christmas time occasion was offered by Dec. 16th, GMT, 2015 presenting.

Thanksgiving Occasion

In this occasion, the united states Grand Stable had been eventually introduced to the online game. Showing the charitable nature of Thanksgiving as a vacation, the Grand Stable had been readily available for simply 1 money when it comes to entirety associated with the Thanksgiving Event. Every user who had connected their particular accounts to Facebook also obtained 100 diamonds since a sign of gratitude.

People also obtained a rotating schedule of everyday bonuses through the entire event. Bonuses including a double of this day-to-day collect, and a doubling of horse experience attained.

The Thanksgiving celebration ended up being available from Nov. nineteenth, GMT, 2015 to Dec. 3rd, GMT, 2015.

Yellow Rose Cup

With this occasion, people could participate in steeplechases and get unique awards based far they ran. Awards included coins, diamonds, jewels, and also the chance to stage up a horse's skill.

Amy additionally debuted a unique outfit, having to pay homage towards actual life Melbourne Cup, that is perhaps more well-known for its manner competitions than its horse races.

The Yellow Rose Cup ended up being offered by Oct. 15th, GMT, 2015 to Oct. 28th, GMT, 2015.

Okertoberfest Event

Through the occasion, you’ll manage to participate in Quiz Games to make event-exclusive sources which then may be used to develop a particular decoration product concealed inside our Mysterious Tent. You’ll be able to continue finishing quizzes following the occasion, but then you’ll be compensated with regular resources, including coins or diamonds.

3 event-exclusive resources are: Pretzel, Sausage, and Mustard.

There’s 1 event-exclusive design product (a Carousel) concealed in the Mysterious Tent. A Mysterious Tent can be acquired to every player whom achieves lvl 9 through the occasion.

Oktoberfest Event can be obtained from Sept. 9th, 2015.

Other Past Occasions

Name of Occasion Duration Date
Summer 18th GMT, 2015 - July 2nd GMT, 2015

June eighteenth GMT, 2015 - July 18th GMT, 2015

Breeding Occasion

Since variation 2.7.0, a brand new, once-a-month occasion is introduced into the online game: Breeding Event. Unlike the Constellation Horse celebration, the Breeding celebration stops after only one or two months, while the next Breeding Event starts when another Constellation Horse Event is launched. For a far more step-by-step schedule, please make reference to the Constellation Horse celebration Timetable.

During each Breeding Event, players can be found a favorable rebate in connection with cost and time it will require to reproduce. Much more especially, anytime a new player breeds two horses during event, he/she will get a discount of up to 50percent in-breeding cost. In addition, the time to have a foal from the reproduction stable would be shortened. A special UI will suggest exactly how much it really is saved, in a choice of regards to time or price.

In addition, every day that Breeding occasion is being conducted, people has one chance to expand the alternative of having the foal they want – free-of-charge! But only one no-cost chance comes in every day.

Initial Breeding occasion commences on July 30th GMT, 2015 and ends up fourteen days following that. But the 2nd one will begin on August 23rd GMT, 2015, exactly the same day because the beginning of the Constellation Horse Event: Virgo.

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