Horse breeding Games for Adults

June 11, 2016
Horse-Breeding Success!

FawnsAdopt a virtual pet in Second Life. You'll find puppies, kitties, horses and all sorts of forms of pets waiting around for a place to phone residence inside this digital globe.

Thank you for visiting the ABC - Awesome Breed Creation community! You may be about to enter the exciting realm of ABC - Awesome Breed Creations, more interactive horses & ponies in Second Life. ABC is a totally integrated web-based business serving the digital truth of 2nd Life.

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A free-to-breed, breedable pet online game on SL delivered by the designers associated with the Fennux. Come meet with the Fawns! They are fluffy and attractive and waiting for you on our sim.

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Desire to enjoy Second Life even more? You will be using big wild kitties, WK Wild Kajaera has them! You are able to reproduce, ride, simply take all of them with you and watch them go along with. They will swim, operate, leap, play with toys all by themselves, also go out in woods! WK Wild Kajaera has the sophisticated breedables from the grid, join the group and hear exactly how everyone loves all of them.

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ABC Brilliant Breed CreationsMossms are smart, interactive, and extremely animated animals that found our world from outer space. In Mossms, these cuddly animals work with surroundings and secure sources which you can use to advance through online game. Mossms make great pets, also! Learn more at

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Extraordinary Breedables is an organization dedicated to generating breedables which can be fun and special, with a fresh way of how the breeding in 2nd Life works. They pay attention to their clients and welcome feedback on how best to increase the total connection with breeding creatures. Their goal will be innovate and enhance upon the breeding therefore the community to foster an even more enjoyable environment for all.

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WK Wild KajaeraLook at the secret of Oz sim, a wonderful all mesh develop that interprets the world of Oz with a modern twist. The sim houses the Strangelings, a fantasy pet breeding online game for iOS and internet. Be an integral part of an everywhere gaming knowledge like absolutely nothing you have seen before! Become your favorite Strangelings animal in 2nd Life, utilising the choices regarding Strangelings mesh avatar. More info at

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Krafties is a totally free immersive dream animal MMORPG adventure online game. Boost, train and empower your very own cute pets to endure challenging quests, craft amazing items or consumables and also struggle with buddies. Craft and fight your path energy and fame! More information at

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Do you love kitties? Then you'll definitely love KittyCatS, a purrfect animal you can mate to see rare types with amazing eyes and coats. Or, you are able to keep them as animals which will love you and bring a lot of fun to your 2nd Life. Learn more at or inworld in KittyCatS Addicts team.

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Mossms Unique Breedables The Magic of Oz Krafties
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