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August 5, 2015
Parts of the Saddle - The

Terms for Cowboy equipment - Saddles and Tack

Anvil: hard-surface familiar with profile horseshoes or pound rivets.

BRIDLE: (la brida, el freno) the top harness for a horse, basically consisting of the headstall, bit, chin band and reins, but frequently including additionally an eyebrow musical organization, nostrils strap, and throat-latch.

BIT: (el freno) - metal mouthpiece on a bridle, whenever linked to reins, accustomed guide the horse. There are a great many variants on bit shapes and severity. Some kinds consist of half-breed, spade, snaffle, curb, and band bits.

Bridle Shown is a spade little bit.

BOSAL: (bozal) noseband, usually of braided rawhide, combined with headstall or "hanger" which will make a hackamore. Frequently combined with a mecate for reins.

BREAST COLLAR: band, frequently made of fabric, that passes round the animal's chest and it is attached to the seat. Always keep the saddle from sliding straight back.

BRITCHIN: (Breeching) Leather strap arrangement installing over a pet's hind quarters maintain a saddle from falling forward. Important on mules due to their slim shoulders. See packsaddle.
Bosal The term breeching also identifies a permanent identification level made horizontally across both sides of a cow's rump (in identical place the leather-based band is shown on the mule within the photo).

BUCKING ROLLS: padded attachments in front regarding the saddle to supplement the swells to assist the rider stay static in the saddle. Oftentimes applied to A-fork saddles.

CANTLE: (la teja) arched, rear portion of the saddle-tree.

CHOKER: different type of breast collar. The definition of is local towards Great Basin. Also known as 'martingale.'

CINCH: (la cincha) a leather or material band (or girth) that keeps the saddle on horse's straight back when you are tightened around its human anatomy simply behind leading feet. Generally it's fastened to leather straps (latigos) that hang from the rigging for each region of the saddle.
CINCH TYPES: dual rigged - two cinches, one ahead plus one (flank) behind the chair. single rigged - one cinch which is often affixed at various distances right back on a saddle. 3/4, 7/8 etc.

CONCHO: (la concha) a steel disk, frequently of gold, sometimes a leather-based rosette that secures seat strings or utilized as other decoration. Etymology is from the Spanish term "concha" indicating "shell"

ROSETTE: (la roseta) a circular design; on western stock saddles, a small leather disk with two slits for thongs or seat strings to feed, securing skirts to saddletree.

Bit - this is a spade bit. BREAST COLLAR: Britchin bucking rolls
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