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February 22, 2016
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horses in an industryLearning horse behavior is a vital device to any person owning or taking care of a horse. Oftentimes abuse or neglect might be prevented if the person looking after the horse understood the horse’s motivations for his or her activities. Ponies are not men and women and do not would be. They can't be expected to talk to you, like Mr. Ed of old television lore. But they do communicate – we simply need to discover ways to tune in.

Here are some standard factual statements about horse behavior:

  • Horses tend to be big herbivores. Like all herbivores they spend significant amounts of time passively eating, unlike united states man omnivores that accustomed shopping and consuming away from home. What this means is sufficient time spent when you look at the pasture, a lot of time when you look at the stable makes for unhappy and harmful pets.
  • Horses are extremely social herd pets. They will have a greater comfort level once they maintain a visual contact with other horses. A horse alone in the open is a lot more probably be killed by a carnivore. For this reason companion ponies are vital that you any person buying ponies.
  • Horses are intelligent animals. They usually show a tendency for replica between old and young. Horses will discover behaviors from other ponies. It's important to keep this at heart and treat all ponies within care with respect.
  • Horses are regular breeders and, for that reason, foaling habits occur. In the event that you intend to keep mares for breeding, it is vital to master as much as possible about their particular behavior during mating season although foaling. Ponies of both sexes behave in a different way of these cycles. Human being misunderstanding can endanger the inexperienced horse owner and their particular horse.
  • Guys often form an independent male sub-group structure at times of the season. The absolute most principal male horse could be the person who remains utilizing the mares throughout all of the season. Other guys, specifically geldings, will cluster into all-bachelor smaller herds for security.
  • Ponies are designed for strong pair-bond connections that can last a life. It is not uncommon to understand same ponies collectively on a regular basis– these pairings not merely offer needed socialization but offer them defense against predators. Ponies form tight friendships and can feel a deep reduction when they're not around their contacts. Whenever adopting a horse, consider adopting their particular friend too.
Source: www.habitatforhorses.org
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