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December 29, 2016
Dr. Le Gear, King of Horses

Our information area serves as a resource for horse enthusiasts offering informative data on a range of subjects associated with ponies, investing ponies, horse care, driving ponies, equestrian sports, dealing with horses, and reproduction horses.

About Ponies

Information about the domestication history of ponies, systematic classification of horses, the physiology and points of this horse, calculating horses, gender of ponies, horse behaviour, horse colours and markings, and horse and pony types.

Purchasing, Loaning & Selling Horses

details about various aspects concerning buying, loaning and attempting to sell ponies like the prices of maintaining a horse, test agreements plus.

Horse Care

Details about horse care including horse equipment and garments, taking care of ponies at lawn and stabled, keeping horses at livery, feeding ponies, horse health insurance and health problems.

Horse Riding

Information on numerous topics relating to horse riding including information about equestrian clothes, saddlery and tack, horse riding guidance and biking and road protection.

Equestrian Sports

Information on equestrian sports including showing, dressage, endurance, operating, horse rushing and use rushing.

Using The Services Of Horses

Details about numerous tasks dealing with horses including qualifications needed, instruction and just what the job requires.

About horses info
About horses info
Info about Love Horse
Info about Love Horse
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