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September 11, 2016
Horse lessons are a great way
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Horse riding in Southern Lake Tahoe

If you’re chomping during the bit for an adventure, then you will want to explore Tahoe from another viewpoint? Like from the seat of a very good and sturdy Tahoe horse?

South Lake Tahoe offers several of the most serene horse riding tracks for a memorable travel, and yes, that’s straight from the horse’s mouth!

Trot through meadows and woodlands with unbelievable views of pond which makes a link with a mild monster. And don’t stress in the event that you don’t have equestrian knowledge, the trail ponies tend to be peaceful and the guides tend to be helpful supplying the perfect combo for first-time bikers.

Camp Richardson Corral

Trade in daily of fishing in the pond for a calm trot in the Tahoe trails. Hop on board one of several corral’s durable ponies and stride through the National woodland or around Fallen Leaf Lake. Camp Richardson Corral offers a number of riding packages to generally meet your equestrian wishes.

Although Camp Richardson Corral requires cowboys and cowgirls to-be about six years of age to ride the big steeds, little ones beneath the chronilogical age of six can certainly still saddle up and experience an exciting pony ride across the stables. The Camp Richardson Corral ponies are calm and gentle, providing the kiddies with an adventure on an animal a bit more suit for their dimensions. These pony rides feature a five moment cycle with a reliable horse wrangler and so are offered by Summer until Labor Day.

Zephyr Cove Resort Stables

Tahoe is known for its high speed activities from sailing and cycling to skiing and snowboarding, but why don't you go straight down a notch and leisurely explore the Sierra on horseback? Zephyr Cove Resort Stables offers horseback riding through some of the most scenic areas in Southern Lake Tahoe given that ponies lead how through pine trees, boulders, and channels. And as a result of these dazzling sights, be sure to bring your camera to capture some of the best views from horseback!

Placeholder ImageEquestrians, both beginners and positives, can saddle up for a one hour, one-and-a-half hour, or two hour trail ride with an experienced cowboy tour guide. For all those bikers whom anticipate operating up an appetite, if there’s at the very least ten others in their party, they are able to reserve a breakfast, lunch, or dinner ride package. These meal packages consist of an unforgettable path ride, followed closely by a hay truck trip towards the picnic area to refuel.

Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center

For Tahoe locals and site visitors in search of riding from the outdone path, the Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center provides a must-see spot. The ranch at Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center is any horse lover’s mecca, whilst features not just horse shows, horse camps, and horse boarding, but it also provides horseback riding all over ranch.

Tahoe site visitors enjoy making the trek off to the equestrian center because unlike traditional path trips, friends are welcome to get rate from a trot to a gallop to experience the real energy and beauty regarding the steeds. Riding friends can dash through industries off path regarding farm in the place of following a strict path.

Lake Tahoe features countless how to take in the majestic views associated with the lake and Sierras, but you will want to kick up your pumps and witness it from a horse’s standpoint? Spur regarding the fun and strike the trails with family and friends on your after that trip to Lake Tahoe.

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